Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's all about the egg

Regardless of what religion you subscribe to... what holidays you celebrate... at this time of year, eggs are present. At least in the two religions, and their associated holidays, that I know anything about.

And so we roll with that.

Hard boiled eggs were a feature at our Passover Seder. Plastic ones filled with candy also made great "OMG-I-totally-forgot-about-Afikomen-finding-gifts" at the thrown-together-36-hours-in-advance-yet-totally-lovely Seder I hosted this year.

Dyed eggs, and those filled with goodies, were a front and center at our annual "Find the Passover Bunny" Easter egg hut at my cousin Gail's house.

Be it real eggs, candy eggs, Passover or Easter, I loved celebrating it all with family. But I may have to run another 10 mile race to burn off some of the sour gummy bunnies and chocolate malt balls that made their way from the girls' baskets in to my belly!


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